FK Spartak is a Latvian football club from Jurmala City. Club was founded in 2007. Currently is playing in the Latvian Higher Football League named "OPTIBET Virslīga".
FK Spartak is two-time Latvian champions.


In club first season, "Spartaks" won the 2nd league.
In the 2011 season, it took 2nd place in the 1st league and entered "Virslīga".
In the first season in "Virslīga" club played very confidently but finished in 5th place after several leaders.
In 2016 "Spartaks" became champions title. The title was won one round before winning the FK "RFS" at the Arkādija Stadium.
In the 2017 season, club repeated the success - one round before the end of the tournament after the victory over FK "Liepāja/MOGO" club won the second title.

Starting from 2015 FK "Spartaks" represents Latvia in official UEFA tournaments. Over five years club has played 14 games against teams from Montenegro, Serbia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, San Marino and Lithuania.